Trade Dominus Inc. is an indigenous online technology (utilizing AI, Big Data) retail and wholesale platform, founded in April, 2022 poised to make a difference in the e-commerce sector.  Trade Dominus Inc. has two goals, first our aim is to bridge the gap between sales and after sales support, our relationship with our customer does not cease after a sale.

Second we want best results in terms of bottom line for our partner brands by implementing and utilizing Big Data, Machine Learning, AI; in other words Trade Dominus Inc. provides a win win situation for both sides of the bargain.

To learn more how Trade Dominus Inc. is doing it, check out this link: Trade Dominus & AI, Big Data.

We offer a wide selection of authentic products at a very competitive prices including, but not limited to Professional Drones, Camera Drones, Home Service Robots, Augmented and Virtual Reality products, Smart Wearables, Smart Home Appliances, Intelligent Remote Control Toys, Hi-Tech Fidget Spinners, Smart Home Devices, Smart Health Watches, Hologram Projectors & Lamps, Treats for your pets and many more.

Our customers enjoy an amazing online retail and wholesale services through our rich content and user friendly website.

While our partner brands are happy with the ever improving results we are delivering.

We source most of our products directly from the Manufacturers and Distributors (Our Partners). Our E shop is able to offer our clients product warranty and the best prices available.

We offer convenient online payment options and comprehensive customer services, every Trade Dominus Inc.customer is important and unique to us.

We are upgrading our own nationwide logistic platform to include a last-mile delivery network in conjunction with leading courier companies, thereby ensuring swift and efficient delivery to our customers.

We are a technology driven Company and, have invested heavily in developing our own highly scalable proprietary technology platform, which supports our rapid growth thereby enabling us to provide value-added technology services like automation, deep learning, artificial intelligence etc.


To gain and retain market confidence as the preferred online shopping and brand partner in USA and beyond, our future plans are focused on markets of UK, Australia, France, Germany, Sweden, Gulf Countries, Africa and South East Asia.


•        To become go to and one stop platform for those brands and businesses who desire to take their business to the next level by utilizing modern tech & innovation like AI, Deep Learning, Big Data, Automation.

•         Expand Trade Dominus Inc. image in all Countries of Europe, Mid East & South Asia, Africa through the right choice of local distribution channels’ mix.

•         Become and remain an undisputed leader in affordable wholesale and retails of quality products.

•         Increase the importance of wholesales to broaden our customers’ reach.

•         Ensure constant sales dynamics through multiple collection themes per year.


We ensure the security of all transaction data by using advanced security solution provider so your information is in excellent hands. Online shopping had never been safer and easier. Stay safe online with a strong encryption of 128 bit SSL. Online shopping had never been safer and easier. Stay safe online with us.


Trade Dominus Inc.